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Feb 8, 2018

Welcome to Episode 152 of the Heroes of the Storm Podcast, Lords of the Storm. Here's a short summary of the topics we'll cover in today's episode:

Music and Bumpers by Jake Butineau

over a year ago

Great show today. New listener and love the content. I think Gizmo mentioned dropped frames in this episode since upgrading to windows 10. I had the same issue for the last 6 months since upgrading which basically kept me from playing. What I was finally able to determine was that my OneDrive was syncing my documents folder during gameplay since that is where HoTS replays are stored by default. This would kill my upload speeds and would drop frames and lag out pretty bad. I have since stopped the OneDrive from automatically syncing with my documents folder. Hopefully that works for you. Heroes is great! Thanks to Multi for the invite to check out the show!